Running training step 2



Running training step 2:

The good news is, you still get to stay comfortably rugged up at home! Have you started your heel raises to improve your balance and start getting your feet and ankles stronger?

The easiest way to get started running during winter – Here’s exercise number 2:



The Clam Shell – This will help to develop hip strength and make sure your gluteals are activating.

Lie on your side with your knees bent to 90 degrees and head supported on your forearm or pillow.

Gently lift your rib cage away from the floor, and maintain this throughout the exercise.

Think about trying to squeeze the gluteals (butt muscles) of your top leg, then lift your top knee away from your bottom knee slowly, keeping feet together. Repeat until you feel your leg start to fatigue (the leg may start shaking or you may feel burning in your gluteals). If you feel pain/ache anywhere other than around your hip/bottom, stop and rest.

Rest for 30 seconds then repeat. Count the number of repetitions you can do initially, then aim to add 1-2 reps each attempt. Over a number of weeks, your goal is to reach 3 sets of 30 reps, before moving on to a harder exercise.

It’s important to recognise this is a preliminary exercise, that must be progressed through to more running specific positions such as standing and lunging, to ensure your gluteals are activating when you are running.

For further information, or to learn the progressions to this exercise contact us Aspire Physiotherapy SA – Physio Glenelg



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