Curvaceous calf muscles

calf image

Running training step 1: Get calves like these!

To build foot and ankle strength, to build body awareness and balance, start with the simplest of simple exercises: heel raises. As promised, you don’t have to leave your house to get started, yet it will go a long way in getting your feet, ankles and calves prepped for when you do get out to start your running training.

Here’s how:

Stand with feet hip width apart, and hold onto something if your balance isn’t great. Slowly rise up onto your toes, keeping your ankles in line with your knees and toes (don’t allow them to ‘collapse’ out to the sides). Lower your heels to the ground and repeat. Repeat until you feel a gentle muscle ache in your calf muscles. Over a week or so, gradually build up to 50 repetitions and try not to hold on to help develop your balance.

When 50 becomes easy, try this exercise balancing on 1 leg only. Once you can do x50 single leg heel raises, you’ll be a nice big step closer to safely starting your City To Bay 2014 training!

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