The Magical “Multifidus” Muscle

For those with back pain, learning about the multifidus muscle can make a big difference in improving core strength.



The Multifidus muscle makes up the posterior part of the “cylinder of stability” (the core).

Its attachment is close to the spine and pelvis making it ideally positioned to stabilise this area effectively.

The deep fibres of Multifidus swell inside their fascial compartment to create a supportive tension.

This muscle, when working properly, anticipates movements, therefore protects the spine beautifully.

The Multifidus works with the Transverse Abdominus (at the front) and the Pelvic floor (at the bottom) – this is called co-contraction.

Where is it?

The best way to identify this muscle on yourself is to stand with your hands on hips and thumbs behind.

Bring your thumbs together by moving your hands around to your back. Once they are touching you should feel the spine where they meet. Move your thumbs about 1cm apart and feel them slide into a gutter like hollow next to the spine (it’s…

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